STILL CARTONS, 500ml (x18)

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NATURAL SPRING WATER - Fresh, pure and naturally delicious, our refreshing still water has a pH of 7.5 and is boxed at the source to preserve its crisp taste with every sip. It’s 100% premium spring water in a carton.

CLEAN WATER, CLEAN CONSCIENCE - When you open a carton of One Water, you're doing more than just drinking water - you’re changing lives. How? Each 500ml carton helps to fund clean water and environmental projects while also tackling plastic pollution.

SUSTAINABLE & RECYCLABLE - Concerned about packaging? Us too. Which is why all our cartons are 100% recyclable. Made using an average of 75% sustainable paperboard, it’s the perfect zero plastic water offering. Isn’t it time you switched water. The caps are now made out of BIO-Based plastic made from sugar cane.

THE ONE RANGE - One gives clean water to millions. Others don't. Choose any One from our range of packaging options: cans, cartons, and aluminium. Join us in the fight against water poverty.

SWITCH WATER, CHANGE LIVES - We have One vision - to sell bottled water to be a force for good in the world. One embodies the idea that you can't change a billion people’s lives, but if you can change just One, that's a great place to start.